Volevo Magia

She was ridiculously beautiful that night, a perfect blob of dark matter speaking tongues and talking about the universe. She’d throw her head back in a spasm of uncontrollable laughter when a witty joke hit her and everyone around. Her white teeth contrasted with the black mystery of her perfect hair. “I want to lick your eyes”, I say. Seemly taken aback by that remark, she makes them even wider, a pair of dark brown opals glowing under the street lights. Her legs untangle in a welcoming pose and she goes “you can start from there, and venture into the forest down below”. She smirks. I know that’s not the crumbled piece of story where she text me later at night saying “I should have kissed you”. We’re here now and we are on fire. So I get closer and sure enough our tongues meet in a wonderful waltzer. She wants me to eat her and starts pressing my head down to her bushy opening. She moans and groans as I go down on her like a ravaging monster, hungry for juice. “What if I desire another cock from time to time? What’s wrong with that?” she says, as I eagerly scavenge the remains of her faithfulness. Volevo magia.